As another year winds down and we gear up for the next one, I can’t help but feel the weight of time more than ever. Parenthood has this magical way of making days feel like they last forever, yet somehow, the years just slip through your fingers. As we wrap up 2023 and dive into 2024, I want to reflect on the highlights and challenges of the year. It is a time to reflect on some things to improve and give yourself high-fives for a job well done on others. Looking forward to 2024, I’m jotting down some goals. Not the unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that fizzle out by February, but real, achievable goals that will make me proud when I look back next year. I wish you and your family the coziest holidays, filled with reflection, joy, and maybe too much eggnog. Happy Holidays!

What was your personal highlight in 2023?

This year’s personal highlight for me was taking a leap of faith by making a career change that didn’t make sense to others looking from the outside. I left a great paying ER job I had wanted since becoming a PA. However, the change was the ticket to more quality time with my family.

The current stage in my children’s lives, particularly my oldest son Daxton, who turned four this year, has prompted a heightened awareness of the importance of these formative years. This little tornado of a boy with a heart of gold struggled when I was working two full-time jobs. Working mom guilt was in full effect when I barely made it home, and then Daxton was essentially kicked out of his preschool for bad behavior. His most frequent explanation of “acting out” was, “I miss my mom.” Fast forward six months, and I’ve learned that mom guilt is real, kids are resilient, and time with them is pure gold. Your influence on your children matters, and your time with them is fleeting.

I was making the career move that not only scratched my professional itch for growth but also gave me more time with my family, which impacted this year in a big way. I’m soaking up being the coolest person in the room to my kids while it lasts.

What was your professional highlight of the year?

This year, I dialed down our wholesale business from a 10-employee operation to a lean two-person team. It might not sound like a win, especially since it was not a financial jackpot. However, I’ve battled this urge to conquer the business world overnight since starting my business. That’s how we ended up with ten employees in the first place- always playing the numbers game, especially in wholesale. But more employees mean more overhead and responsibilities; unfortunately, I couldn’t delegate my way out of it. Cue the overwhelming chaos, especially with my husband stepping out to become a real estate agent.

Scaling down the wholesale hustle was what I needed at the time. It wasn’t about the dollars but about reclaiming my sanity and making it more manageable. I had breathing room to kickstart this blog, dive into my new role at my new job, and even spearhead our first real estate house flip. It gave my brain the space to reassess how I approach delegation and management for the next round of scaling. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Lesson learned, slowly.

What was your biggest personal challenge?

One of my top priorities this year has been carving out more time for my family. With this desire comes the challenge of balancing home and business life. I drive myself professionally, and managing high expectations becomes challenging when I have to wrangle those ambitions into a feasible schedule.

I’ve found myself in deep conversations with mentors, dissecting the lives of these powerhouse business owners who have seemingly cracked the code on financial success but seemingly missed the mark on life balance. I’ve concluded that being a mom is important to me, and I don’t want to be all business and no mom. The last thing I want is someone else raising my kids. I want to be a big influencer in their lives, shaping their world.

Taming the beast of ambition and finding an elusive balance takes work. I frequently wrestle with my inner drive and ambitious visions, learning to say no to some things to say yes to my family. It’s a work in progress, and I don’t foresee having all the answers anytime soon.

In this journey, I embrace patience in my professional pursuits, acknowledging that success isn’t a lightning strike but a slow burn. I’ve also realized that my kids must witness the grind and understand the value of hard work. But I’m also learning that not every free moment needs to birth a new business idea or project. I need to create protected spaces for my family, especially while my kids are still small.

kids memories

What was your biggest business challenge?

When we started our wholesale business initially, my husband and I committed to doing it together. This dynamic worked for a while, but we eventually decided to bring other partners into the business that would offload our responsibilities. For a year, we did multiple deals with them, and I was able to take on more opportunities for continued growth. However, around the same time my husband ventured into a real estate agency by obtaining his license, it became increasingly clear that our current partnership dynamics needed to be more sustainable.

Navigating the end of our partnership was a challenge, but it was well worth it. It took tough decisions and accepting losses on a few deals to extricate ourselves. Still, the relief of reclaiming sole control and shredding the stress of misaligned partnerships was immeasurable.

This transition led to a new chapter- navigating a more favorable professional relationship with my husband. I needed to learn to trust him with the autonomy of running his real estate operation while affording me the freedom to steer the wholesale business in my direction. This balance has been good for us to find, as running a business with your spouse is challenging.

What was your most significant financial win?

As I reflect on the financial milestones of this year, the one that stands out isn’t necessarily the biggest money-maker. The deal came right after we bought out our partners in the wholesale business, reclaiming control and independence. This smooth wholesale transaction brought in $20k and was significant beyond the monetary value.

It was a powerful confirmation that breaking free from the partnerships that held me back was the right move. After a year of navigating complex partnerships, this deal symbolized a return to doing business on my terms, reaping the total rewards of my efforts.

I’ve closed wholesale deals that brought in more significant sums, but this one felt different. It wasn’t about the dollars; it was about validation. I got validation that the decision to part ways with partnerships that needed to align with the growth and vision of our business. It acknowledged the value of the hard work and dedication I’ve poured into the world of wholesaling. This experience has been a lesson in understanding that the true worth of a deal goes far beyond the financial gains. It’s about aligning with the right partnerships, valuing your work, and, most importantly, reaping the rewards that reflect your efforts and commitment.

What was your most significant financial loss?

Entering the world of wholesaling will bring you face-to-face with nightmare deals, and unfortunately, we had that reality- a $30,000 financial hit that left its mark. I will give a quick recap here, and maybe someday, I’ll dive deeper into the details in another article.

We won a contract on a promising foreclosure in Colorado. Initial projections were a solid $40-50k wholesale fee once we secured a buyer. But problem after problem arose.

First hurdle: When we sent someone to show the property to potential buyers, we discovered a lock on the house, indicating the bank was preparing to foreclose sooner than expected and designed to be the owner. Solution? We paid $22,000 in back payments that week to avoid foreclosure. I found a buyer, but problem number 2 arose: The DA’s office insisted on a buyer background check. It turns out they had seized the house in a drug operation, and they needed to ensure our buyer was not a part of the drug operation. The buyer completed the background check and solved the problem.

Enter problem number 3: The original guy who brought me the deal attempted to snake it from me. A legal battle ensued, and $5,000 later in legal fees, I retained control. Problem number 4: Unsettled utility bills from the homeowner put a hold on our inspection process before closing. We shelled out $3,000 to clear that hurdle.

Finally, the week of closing, the grand finale, problem number 5: The homeowner broke into the house, resumed illegal activities, got arrested, and the DA seized the property, rendering our contract null and void. The state owned the property, and everything we had invested went down the drain. There are so many lessons learned.


Does anything else stand out from the past year?

Reflecting on 2023, it is clear that this year has been a pivotal chapter in my journey of personal growth. Leaving a job I cherished was a tough decision, but it opened the door to spending more precious moments with my family and embracing new professional avenues. Balancing the chaos of running a business, being part of a multimillion-dollar venture, launching a blog, and weaning the hats of a mom and wife has been challenging and rewarding. Amid the hustle, I’ve discovered joy in the quiet moments, a stark contrast to the all-work, no-play mindset of the previous year. My focus has shifted to being present for my kids, acknowledging the fleeting nature of these moments. After all, money will always be there; time won’t.

This year has been about making intentional choices with my time, and I’ve made great strides in aligning my priorities. Looking ahead to the coming year, I’m excited about the opportunities for continued personal growth and professional development. The anticipation of welcoming our third child adds an extra layer of gratitude, reminding me of the blessings we get to raise good little humans. We get to keep writing our thoughts and stories to share with you all and get the opportunity to be challenged with a new skill. Thank you for reading and being part of this journey through our lives and businesses. Here’s to 2024 and following along this journey with us. Subscribe to our blog for updates!