Every time I have a difficult shift, one of those days that only someone who works in an ER can truly understand, one of my colleagues will inevitably ask me a question.  Whenever I return from vacation early while leaving my wife alone with our children, she asks me the same question.  Every time my kids cry when I leave for a week, traveling out of town for work, I ask myself why I still work.  

     I am financially independent, meaning I can stop working anytime I want.  Yet, I still work.  The question had been weighing on my mind after a hectic holiday season in the ER, so I decided to explore the answer.  Not for you, the reader, but selfishly for me.  I needed to have an answer to the question.  The resulting self-exploration led me to write an article published as a guest post on TheMotivatedMD.com.

     The Motivated MD is a blog written by a critical care doctor documenting his journey toward financial independence.  The author blogs anonymously and has written guest posts for the White Coat Investor, which is how I discovered his site.  His site was ranked #13 on WCI’s list of the largest 50 financial blogs.  I enjoy his work and encourage you to explore his site.

     I contacted the author regarding the possibility of a guest post, and he graciously accepted.  Please support Business Is The Best Medicine by following the link to read the answer to Why I Still Work.