If you have read anything I have written, you know that wearing multiple hats has become my norm, as it has for many healthcare professionals in today’s fast-paced world.  As a PA working FT in urgent care, part-time in the ER and a local spa, a wholesale business owner, a blog writer, and my favorite job, being a mom, my life is a whirlwind of changing responsibilities.  Each role I play not only fulfills a different aspect of my life/career ambitions but also brings its own challenges and rewards.  This article will give you a glimpse into my typical day, highlighting the delicate balance in a multifaceted career.  I hope that sharing my experience will inspire someone to navigate a similar path and understand how you can juggle various roles.  

Embracing a Multifaceted Career


When I first became a PA, I didn’t anticipate juggling multiple jobs.  Initially, my urgent care (UC) position provided a satisfying salary and ample time off, with half the month free.  However, one of my toxic traits is not being satisfied or content and a constant desire for growth and new challenges.  I transitioned to the fast-paced ER environment shortly after starting at UC.  Once I became comfortable in the ER, I dove into real estate for the next challenge. 

I genuinely still like medicine.  Some of my older mentors say it will wear off, and I will become more jaded, but at this point in my career, I still enjoy caring for people and being involved in direct patient care.  Balancing the roles as a full-time urgent care lead provider and a part-time ER provider satisfies my desire to make a meaningful contribution to medicine by mentoring and training the next generation of providers and my egotistical desire to be good at something.


If you want to read about how I got into real estate and why I chose wholesaling, check out this article.  Real estate is my long-term strategy for financial independence.  I began learning about real estate and investing as a path to financial freedom.  But just like every other aspect of my life, having laser sharp focus on one aspect of real estate has been challenging.  I have dappled in multiple areas of real estate (lending, fix and flipping, and rentals).  The role of business owner and real estate investor still feels like a hobby, something I enjoy learning about and mastering.  Most of the time, I barely feel like a business owner as it is still a job for me.  Eventually, I hope to transition from being hands-on to more oversight and business owner.


Of all the roles I juggle, being a mom is my favorite.  I have three children, all four and under, and this role is irreplaceable.  Raising my children to be good, kind individuals is a major purpose in my life, and I cherish every moment with them.  While spending time with them might not always look the same, I incorporate my kids into every aspect of my life and business.  Sometimes, this looks like them going with me to seller appointments, sitting next to me while I write for the blog, or engaging in activities close by while I am in a meeting.  By including them in my work, I hope to teach them the value of hard work and that they understand why mommy isn’t home every day. 

Finding a new balance with a newborn

Day in the Life

So, what does a day look like for me?  It varies daily, but here is a breakdown of my busier days: Monday and Tuesday.

The variability comes when extra things pop up: I am working a shift in the ER or UC, we have a closing, I need to work through a contract, I have an article to write, or the kids have an extra activity we don’t do every week. 

multifaceted career schedule

Challenges and Strategies for Balance

One of my biggest challenges is finding time for my spouse and myself.  My husband, a real estate agent, works from home and takes care of our kids while I’m on shift.  However, we divide and conquer to manage our responsibilities when I’m off.  Our time together primarily occurs after we put the kids to bed, which coincides with a key time to catch up on unfinished tasks for our businesses.  Early on, my husband established a rule for our real estate business: work stops at 9 pm.  This hard stop is essential for me; I would easily work nonstop without it.  So, at 9 pm, my phone goes into sleep mode, and I stop responding to emails and messages. 

The schedule I posted above resembles the one on my Apple calendar.  I live and die by my phone calendar.  If it is not on the schedule, it doesn’t get done.  I have reminders, notes, alarms, and lists to save my mind from insanity.  Whenever I think of something, I schedule it and write it down immediately.  Otherwise, a flood of other tasks take precedence.

Another challenge I experience is that you are never really “off.” When I am not in the clinic, I prioritize time with my kids and strive to be present with them, avoiding my phone as much as possible.  Often, I have to take a work phone call, put out a fire that is occurring, or answer questions throughout the day.  The kids understand this is my job, and although my attention is often divided, I try to give them some undivided attention each day, even if it is short and sweet. 

Finding Balance with My Entrepreneurial Spirit

Balancing my entrepreneurial ambitions with family life is crucial to me.  While driven to achieve big things, I refuse to miss out on these formative years of my kids’ lives.  I want to believe I can do it all: be a great mom, employee, and business owner, but I know I can’t do it all in one day.  The money, financial freedom, and success will mean nothing to me if I don’t maintain the family balance I desire. 

Being a master multitasker certainly works in my favor.  If multitasking stresses you out, you will get overwhelmed by my computer tabs and the lists on my clipboard.  I constantly juggle several projects simultaneously.  I often struggle to focus on one task at a time.  It’s even challenging for me to play a game with my kids without tidying up the playroom or pulling weeds while we play outside.  My brain is always racing at 100 miles per hour- a blessing and a curse.  (Thank you, melatonin)


This is to say that balancing multiple jobs and responsibilities is absolutely doable.  Initially, my multi-job career was a strategy to increase my income while embracing a diverse career path.  As the primary breadwinner, maximizing my income was a priority, making the decision to take on multiple jobs an easy choice.  However, my life has significantly changed since I began my career.  Now, with three children, I am much more selective about how I commit and spend my time.  At this stage, I focus on providing for my family, positioning myself for upward mobility in my career, prioritizing responsibilities that bring me joy, and pursuing business ventures for future financial freedom.

I always encourage new providers to start their pursuit of diverse career opportunities early if they have the desire.  I chose to have children early in my career, which I wouldn’t change for anything, but it does limit how much I can take on.  My career path could have looked different if I had dedicated more time to hustling before starting a family, but I didn’t want to wait.  After all, that was one major pro to PA school over medical school.  In retrospect, although I am in the messy middle of life/business/medicine right now, I am only 31 years old and have a lot of life and business left to do. 


Although challenging, I try to embrace the lifestyle I have chosen.  The chaos in my life signifies that I am providing for my family, setting us up for a financially stable future, and satisfying my desire to learn and grow in my career.  Although balancing these tasks isn’t always easy, and some things inevitably get pushed aside, resilience is key. 

Looking to the future, I hope my schedule will become more hands-off in my business, allowing me to be more selective on what demands my attention.  My goal is to create more time and freedom for my family, using business as the vehicle to achieve this.  I also hope to grow this blog to help other medical professionals find their path to financial freedom.  As for medicine, I want to continue practicing medicine in ways that bring me joy and are for the greater good.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about getting into real estate, juggling a multi-job career, or being a working parent.  I would love to share my challenges and struggles and offer any support I can.