Dr. Jim Dahle, the White Coat Investor, and I share a remarkable number of similarities.  We’re both emergency medicine physicians in our late 40s, financially independent, and dedicated family men.  We also both run successful side businesses and are partners in small democratic ER groups.  Really, the only difference is that he created the world’s  #1 physician-oriented financial blog, helping millions of medical professionals, while I, ahem, started this physician-oriented financial blog, helping tens of medical professionals.  

     The White Coat Investor (WCI) blog began in 2011, five years after I started my career in Emergency Medicine, and thus five years too late to stop me from purchasing a Variable Life Insurance Policy (thanks a lot, Dr. Dahle).  I first became aware of it around 2015 when I was giving a new graduate some financial advice, and he basically told me not to worry because he was reading the WCI website.  I wasn’t sure whether to be offended or excited.

     I was heavily involved in real estate at the time and had just opened our first urgent care clinic, so I didn’t immediately take to the site.  However, I started reading the blog more frequently over the years.  First, I would read it on slow shifts, and now it is part of my daily routine.  

     I am therefore extremely honored that The White Coat Investor published my article, How This Financially Literate Doctor Got Scammed, on June 3, 2024.  The post details how I lost tens of thousands of dollars in an investment scam.  Despite an interest/obsession with personal finance and a decade of business experience, I invested in a fraudulent dental clinic.    

      I was initially hesitant to publish the article on WCI.   Did I really want to expose my entrepreneurial failures to such a large audience?  However, I’ve always believed in discussing my wins and losses openly in the hope that it will prevent others from making the same mistakes.  The White Coat Investor kindly offered me the platform to publicly humiliate myself while also (hopefully) educating others. 

     Please click on the link to my WCI article above and read it.  While you’re clicking, subscribe below so you don’t miss any future content from BBM.  If you’re going click crazy and you are strangely interested in my suffering, you can also read 15 Money Mistakes That Have Cost Me Millions, where I attempt to put a price tag on my past failures.   Thanks again to the White Coat Investor, specifically Josh Katzowitz, the site’s content director.  It really is an honor!