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Welcome to Business is the Best Medicine, where we explore personal finance and business themes as they pertain to medical professionals.  Whether you’re a new graduate seeking practical advice, a doctor striving for work-life balance, or an APP intrigued by the transformative power of financial freedom, our curated articles, interviews, and resources are designed to explore all aspects of business, finance, and entrepreneurship.  At BBM, we believe the following:

  1. Every healthcare professional should treat their career as a small business.  
  2. Every healthcare professional can achieve financial independence.  
  3. Our healthcare system will benefit from us achieving these first two goals.

Our mission is to promote these beliefs through education and inspire positive action in our community.  Please read, respond, interact, and join us on our journey.

Meet Dr. Neill Slater

Hey everyone, I’m Neill.  I spent 13 years working full-time (or more) in the ER and have been part-time for the last 4 years.  I am a serial entrepreneur, an educator, a student, and a real estate investor.  Most importantly, I am working hard at being a good father and husband.    

     I have always been interested in money, probably because I didn’t grow up with much.  As a child, I enjoyed counting and rolling coins.  For those of you who aren’t old enough to remember rolling coins before taking them to the bank, look it up.  It’s yet another way we pay insidious fees for convenience these days.  Anyway, I also collected 50¢ coins, Susan B. Anthony $1 coins, and $2 bills.  When I was a little older, I would save any crisp new bills I earned and keep them in a trapper keeper (again, look it up) along with my baseball cards.   I still always have cash on me, as I like the feel of paper money in my pocket.  

     Despite my interest in money, I didn’t know much about it.  Being from a small town, the only people I knew who had money were doctors, so here I am.  Not very noble, I agree, but I did what I had to do within the confines of my limited worldview.  Truthfully, I only understood how much money doctors made when I was already in medical school.  One day, I saw a table of average salaries by specialty.  I had already decided to do ER by then, and the ER average was $220,000 annually.  I remember thinking I could easily work harder than the average and make $240,000 a year.   Twenty . . . thousand . . . dollars . . . per . . . month . . . I literally couldn’t wrap my mind around how much money that was.

     A few years later, in my first calendar year out of residency, I made twice that much.  Thus, my search began to learn what to do with so much money.  I have spent the last 15 years learning about money, investing, and business.  I have started two multi-million-dollar companies, a few that were slightly less successful and a few that failed.   I have purchased 8-figures worth of rental real estate, invested in private and public securities, and returned to school to get my MBA.  I have spent the last few years teaching colleagues, fellows, residents, and students about business and personal finance.  

     I currently split my time between Texas and Hawaii.  I spend as much time with my family as they can stand, and the rest of my time is spent reading, talking, thinking, listening, teaching, learning, and writing about money and business.    

Meet Heather Zamarron PA-C

Welcome to Business is the Best Medicine! My name is Heather Zamarron, a 30-year-old married professional with two wonderful kids aged 4 and 2. I am locally grown in West Texas, never leaving a 150 mile-radius from my hometown, Andrews, Texas, where my parents still reside. 

I graduated from PA school in 2018 from Texas Tech Health Science Center. I have spent my last five years out of school molding myself into the accomplished APP I aspire to be in my medical profession while also pushing myself to continue to grow as a business owner, and devoted mother and wife. 

In 2021, my insatiable drive for entrepreneurship took hold and I started my first business in real estate. I started a wholesale real estate business that has completed solely or been apart over 50 transactions. I am still learning about business and real estate daily, and I will be the first to admit that I have to constantly battle shiny object syndrome. This year, my business has transitioned from solely wholesale to starting our first flip.  While I lack experience and credentials, I try to make up for in hustle, grind, and my desire to constantly learn and grow. I plan to continue exploring various aspects of real estate on my own journey of financial independence and while I am not there yet, I am confident that I will be one day. 

Through my 5 years of clinical experience and almost 2 years of business ownership, I have gained a desire to share my experiences and insights with like-minded individuals who share the same burning entrepreneurial spirit. Business is the Best Medicine was born from this desire. At BBM, we want to share valuable insights, tips and experiences related to personal finance, business ownership and entrepreneurship. We want to empower health care professionals like you to navigate the world of finance, explore entrepreneurial endeavors, and achieve success in both your medical and business journeys. We all have different experiences and challenges we face while navigating the intersection of healthcare and business ownership and believe we can benefit as we share these with each other.

With this blog, we aim to create a community where we can connect, learn from one another, and collectively rise to new heights as we embrace entrepreneurship while pursuing a profession in the healthcare industry. 

Join us on this exciting path of growth, as we uncover strategies, share stories- both personal and professional, and learn together. Let’s level up our skills, make ourselves more marketable, and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we can thrive in our professions and create a life of fulfillment and prosperity.

We look forward to connecting with each of you, thanks for visiting!