I recently completed the 10 Questions segment on 1500 Days to Freedom.  Check it out here: 10 Questions with Dr. Neill Slater.  I am excited about this for two reasons.  First, I’m a fan of Carl Jensen, aka Mr. 1500.  I have been reading his blog and listening to him on podcasts for years.  He’s an OG of the FIRE movement who ate his own cooking and actually retired early!  It’s an honor to have something I wrote on his site.  

Carl worked in the tech industry and originally chronicled his journey of 1500 days until he could retire early.  Afterward, he continued his blog and started the Mile High FI podcast.  I encourage you to check out his blog and podcast.  He and his wife are also real estate investors, which is a bonus in my book.  Carl is also one of the few FI bloggers and podcasters who doesn’t take himself too seriously, which leads me to the next reason I’m excited about the interview.    

Since I was answering questions for a blog that has fun with the topic, I was able to (attempt to) be funny and irreverent.  We’re all taught to write formally in school, and I went to school for a looooong time.  This style of writing was a welcome change of pace for me.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!  

Check out 10 Questions with Dr. Neill Slater, where I answer tough questions such as what is the best thing I’ve ever bought, how the world will be better because I lived, and (most importantly) my favorite beer.  Thanks to Carl for the opportunity and the P90X downloads . . . you’ll have to read the article to understand.