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Book Review: Die With Zero by Bill Perkins

The proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” warned generations to take time to enjoy life.  In his new book, Die With Zero: Getting All You Can From Your Money And Your Life, author Bill Perkins has updated it to, “Jack may die with a lot of money, but...

Why Teach Medical Professionals About Personal Finance?

  Everyone knows that doctors make a lot of money, which was the main reason I became one.  In the small town where I grew up, the only people who seemed to have money were two doctors, a lawyer, and a dentist.  They had bigger houses, better cars,...

Acknowledgment That I Did Not Get Here Alone

     When you are successful, it is easy to believe that you are special, your ego stroked by a seductive inner dialogue.  I did this.  I built this.  I am a physician, an entrepreneur, a real estate investor, a business owner,...

The Legend of Doc J

   Disclaimer: This story is not the truth.  The events really happened, but the following portrayal contains hearsay, exaggeration, and possibly outright lies.  I will tell the tale as I remember it, pieced together from my inexact...

12 Money Tips for New Residency Graduates And 1 To Avoid

  I wrote this for Dr. Jones, a new physician who recently joined our small ER group.  Writing it was one of the reasons that I finally decided to start Business is the Best Medicine so that I could share it with anyone interested.  Thanks for...

10 Questions with Dr. Neill Slater on 1500 Days to Freedom

Dr. Slater answered 1500 Days to Freedom 10 Questions, and found himself a spot on his website. Get the link to read the article here!

15 Money Mistakes That Have Cost Me Millions

Read about Dr. Neill Slaters top 15 financial mistakes. Make sure on your way to millions, you don’t make the same ones!

Introduction To The Financial Vitals Checklist: A Wealth Building Tool

     Residents, APPs, and new attendings often ask me what they should do with their money.  While everyone is unique, the financial journey of most high-income medical professionals can be broken down into five distinct stages. ...

The Realities of Using Your Vacation Home as a Rental

In the second part of the series about owning a vacation home, Dr. Slater discusses using your vacation home as a rental. Learn pros and cons of renting out the vacation home, from cost savings, getting regular usage from the home and having a property management company to wear and tear, annoying your neighbors, and meeting regulations.

Book Review of The Family First Entrepreneur by Steve Chou

A few months ago, I shared my experience attending my first financial conference, FINCON, where I had the privilege of hearing Steve Chou speak.  His message at the conference resonated with me.  His emphasis on overcoming the hustle-centric approach of...