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The Other Billionaire Buffett – Business Tales from Margaritaville

Although his music rarely referenced financial security and independence, Jimmy Buffett did have business acumen. Read about his business tales and learn how working hard, but not too hard worked for Jimmy and could work for you too.

Money Lessons From Movies In The Year 2000 And Beyond

Heather shares how even family-friendly movies can offer valuable lessons in personal finance. From the importance of valuing relationships over material wealth in “Coco” to the risks of unethical shortcuts in “Reptile,” Heather explores how films can provide financial wisdom. Through this engaging lens, she offers insights on perseverance, responsible borrowing, and the critical importance of maintaining ethical standards in business.

My First Real Estate Transaction

Dr. Slater’s journey into real estate investing began with the purchase of two houses on the same day, one as a primary residence and the other as an investment property. Over the years, he leveraged his experiences with these properties to build a successful portfolio, emphasizing the importance of taking action and learning from practical experience in the real estate market.

Journey to Striving for Personal Growth Over Perfectionism

In this deeply personal narrative, Heather takes readers on her journey from perfectionism to progress, navigating the complexities of competitive sports, entrepreneurship, and marriage. With candid introspection, she reveals the pitfalls of her relentless pursuit of flawlessness, offering valuable insights into embracing imperfections, fostering personal growth, and finding balance in the chaos of life. Join Heather as she shares her quest for happiness, leadership excellence, and entrepreneurial success, promising an authentic and relatable account of her ongoing pursuit of fulfillment.

Should APPs Only Staff Fast Track in the ER?

Last month, I wrote about provider satisfaction.  In that article, which you can read here, I discussed factors that affect provider satisfaction.  Professional development was one extrinsic factor that I wrote about in that article.  Soon after publication, I...

Medical Entrepreneur Interview Series – Derek M. Guirand, MD

Dr. Derek Guirand shares insights into owning his own Aesthetics and Performance business is Ardmore, PA. Read more to hear his story.

Why Is Disability Insurance Important for Medical Professionals?

Disability insurance is the cornerstone of financial security for new medical professionals, safeguarding your ability to earn and sustain your future. This article underscores why it’s essential to obtain coverage early in your career, sharing real-life stories of how unexpected disabilities impacted two healthcare providers and emphasizing the crucial details of different insurance policies. Discover how to protect your greatest asset—your ability to work and earn—before it’s too late.

A PA’s Response to “Are you my doctor?”

As a PA, how many times do you get asked if you’re the doctor? Heather dives into this discussion and how she handles the question with her patients.

Introduction To The Financial Vitals Checklist: A Wealth Building Tool

Read the introduction to the Financial Vital’s Checklist: the wealth building tool recommended by BBM.

FINCON For Beginners: Tips for Navigating Your First Conference

Have you ever started a new venture and found an unexpected community that propelled your success? Heather recounts her journey into blogging and how attending FINCON, a premier conference for personal finance content creators, provided invaluable insights and connections. Discover how this vibrant community transformed her approach to digital marketing and content creation.